What They’re Saying About Diversified

B.J. Coopes M.D., P.C. is a hospital-based pediatric multi-specialty group practice.  We are located in Anchorage, Alaska and provide comprehensive in-patient pediatric primary and critical care in collaboration with Alaska’s hospitals, primarily Providence Alaska Medical Center.  Since its inception fourteen years ago, our practice has utilized the professional services of DHCM.  Their work has been vital to the function of our practice as a going concern.  DHCM staff and management have afforded our small operation the expertise, attention to detail and personal service usually reserved for much larger firms.  This relationship has stood the test of time and we give them our highest recommendation.

~ B.J. Coopes, MD

Diversified has done my billing for the past 14 years. In an era of rapidly changing health care I have been exceptionally pleased with their services. Using Diversified for billing allows my staff and I to focus on what we do best, which is take care of patients. Consistency and accuracy of billing has resulted in a steady income stream. When an issue regarding billing does come up, Diversified is very responsive and always solves the problem. 

Perhaps the aspect of Diversified I appreciate the most, is that when I need to talk to someone regarding a billing matter I am able to speak immediately with someone who knows me personally, who knows my practice, and who lives and works in the same town (and time zone) I do. 

In summary, working with Diversified provides me with the assurance and confidence that my billing is accurate, timely, and compliant with ever-changing regulations. This in turn allows me to focus on what I am trained to do, and what I enjoy doing, and frankly is the reason my office exists – which is to take care of patients.

~ John M. Clark, M.D., FCCP, FACP

Operating my own clinic is extremely challenging and demanding, and probably the best decision I made after going into private practice, was to choose Diversified to help me navigate the billing challenges. Diversified is, to a great degree, responsible for my success in operations, as my clinic continues to grow. Initially an Army physician who understood essentially nothing about the intricacies of medical billing, the personal help at Diversified has changed all of that. All of the staff at Diversified have proven to be extremely helpful and understanding. Thoroughness is also another aspect of their service that I appreciate and have grown to count on. I have recommended Diversified to other providers and will continue to do so. 

~ Jose P.N. Anzilotti, MD

A reliable billing service is important to any practice and for peace of mind. With this in mind I am 100%+ satisfied with the invaluable service provided by Diversified to my personal office practice and two other LLC medical businesses over the last several years. Their services are prompt, accurate, and competitively priced and worth every penny. They keep up with every nuance of new billing rules and regulations and are always available to answer questions and concerns. Because of the above I am always suggesting that if others need a billing service, look no further than Diversified. 

~ Steven B. Tucker, MD, FACP

Our clinic has used the services of Diversified Health Care Management for the past ten years. They have provided excellent and honest services in all areas of billing, collections and cash flow. Diversified is a well-managed and well-trained entity. Our patients are handled in a competent and understanding way. We unreservedly recommend Diversified and their services. 

~ Ronald A. Martino, MD
President, Fairbanks Psychiatric & Neurological Clinic

We have had a cordial working relationship with Diversified for eleven years. They have been a good source of advice on billing issues including fee structures, participation (or not) in insurance plans, and preparation for ICD-10. They are easy to work with and responsive to our particular needs. We have considered bringing our billing “in-house” but we are happy with Diversified and plan to continue our relationship with them indefinitely.

~ David Swanson, MD
Alaska Retinal Consultants