The revenue you deserve. An ethical approach you can trust.

It’s not always the easiest part of the job, but to survive and thrive every practice relies on payment for services rendered. That’s why we make sure that when you provide a service you get paid for it. We do it by collecting the maximum amount possible. And we do it with a best in class professional and ethical approach that adds to the strength of your practice.

Security and stability for the life of your practice.

At Diversified, it’s more than Revenue Cycle Management. It’s a philosophy of dedication to your practice and a relationship built on mutual trust and respect. And the relationships we build are for the long run – our clients often choose us through the entire life cycle of their practice. It’s a big picture philosophy that what we build together is built to last.

Outstanding insurance billing follow up.

A key component of Revenue Cycle Management is great follow up. Diversified’s goal is to collect on an insurance claim within 40 days of the initial billing. Our team is responsible for providing the insurer the information needed to process a claim and we work diligently with insurance companies to ensure your revenue stream reflects the quality of care your patients expect.

Patient balances and collections.

Patient balance collections are handled in accordance to each provider’s collection policy. If a patient is making an effort to pay off their bill by making regular payments the normal procedure is to continue to send monthly statements until the balance is paid in full. Every one of our clients has unique guidelines in this area that we implement exactly as they wish.